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My name is William Clews NAASFP and I am a certified running coach in Mississauga. If you are looking for someone to encourage you and help you achieve your personal goals, look no further. I have been working as a personal trainer for several years and focus on meeting the particular needs of my clients. Whether you simply want to get in shape or improve your race times, I can put together a customized training program for you so we can reach your goals together.


People start running for a variety of reasons. Some run because they want to lose weight, improve their health, compete in races or try something new. Whatever your reason is for running, you'll experience many physical, mental and emotional benefits from the sport.

My service is specialized in assisting individuals in reaching their goals through running. With years of proven results, I work with you by creating a program that supports your lifestyle and available time. All runners receive a personalized training program, insightful feedback, motivational techniques, food/intake guidance, and a goal oriented training schedule.


Private Coaching

  • Individualized training program geared towards your goals/objectives
  • 3 or 4 weekly training sessions with your coach
  • Unlimited e-mail correspondence with your coach


Individualized Training Program

  • Specific workouts for each day of the week
  • Instilled philosophy on running
  • Advice on Stretching and race strategies
  • Recommended cross-training advice to supplement running
  • Motivational Techniques


William Clews (Coach)

Get to know more about me and find out about my training background. Why should we work together? Find out more about me.



I’ve often teased Will suggesting he should change his club name to something snazzier than “RunnersGoals”, Will would never change the name because his proposal is imbedded within it. Will’s mission is to help you meet your goals. His commitment is to work with you regardless of your level to get you to be the best runner that you want to be. He’s a talented coach that is driven, caring, conscientious, and who puts in the immense effort required to sustain a personal relationship with each individual member of the team.  You know that he’s in your corner, emotions on his sleeve working for you.


After 1.5 years with RunnersGoals, I was able to accomplish a personal best of 3.04.34 in a recent Marathon. I look forward to beating this time in the upcoming Chicago Marathon.


Horace Saunders
September 2018

Mike Fearon (RunnersGoals) Mike Fearon (RunnersGoals)

I started with Will in March of this year (2017).  Through my training with Will and the RunnersGoals team, I have achieved three successive Marathon PB’s.  My current Marathon PB is 3:25 (Erie); this marks a 33 minute improvement over my previous Marathon PB prior to training with Will.  I also achieved a half-Marathon PB at Hamilton (1:35), a 10 minute improvement over my pre-RunnersGoals half-Marathon PB.

My goal was to one day qualify for Boston, which I did in June of 2018 in Seattle with a time of 3.15.31. This result now qualifies me for the Boston Marathon in 2019. I was able to accomplish this in just under 1 year of training with Will and RunnersGoals.


My next race is the Marathon in Seville, Spain on February 25th.


Mike Fearon
September 2018

Dino Di Bernardo (RunnersGoals) Dino Di Bernardo (RunnersGoals)

2017 was a remarkable year for my running goals. I obtained personal bests in the 8K, 10K, 10 Miler, Half Marathon and the Marathon. There is simply no way I would have achieved this without the coaching, mentorship and engagement from Will Clews. Will holistically will take you from where you are today from a running perspective to your peak running performance. He does through goal setting, intimate planning and personal one on ones. He also emphasizes the importance of teamwork. That teamwork helps immensely during your most difficult training days.


In 2018, I ran the Boston Marathon achieving a time of 3.16.46 which re-qualified me for 2019.


No other coach will care more about your GOALS and your personal needs than Will Clews.


Thanks Will for everything that you do.

Dino Di Bernardo
September 2018

Miguel Sierra (RunnersGoals) Miguel Sierra (RunnersGoals)

When I asked myself last year how far I could go with my running, I answered " I am approaching my personal limits, that’s it  for me, no more fast running, no more Personal Records.

But after meeting Coach Will from the Runner’s Goals who invited me to believe that a faster 26.2 was possible, I have now completed my 4th marathon with a huge Personal Record (11 minutes faster & Boston Qualifier). Though I always enjoyed distance running, I never imagined myself running a marathon in closer to 3 hours. Coach Will helped me believe in my abilities to do something so “unimaginable!”

Today, I stand tremendously grateful for the expertise, patience, and genuine kindness of Coach Will. Integrating his knowledge of mental preparedness and good physical preparation, along with so many helpful hints on how to accomplish the long distance race, crossing one hurdle at a time, has been an invaluable tool.


The greatest gift Wills offers is his total attention. When he’s running next to you on the track and roads his focus is totally on you as a runner. Listening to your concerns, helping you sort out the issues related to physical pain or talking about workouts and recovery ,Coach Will’s ability to enter your world and be present to your goal of being the best runner you can possibly be, are qualities any runner would want in their coach.
His passion for running and coaching is contagious. 

Miguel Sierra
April 2018

Alan Lynam (RunnersGoals) Alan Lynam (RunnersGoals)

I’ve been running with Will and his Runners’ Goals team since 2015. I was fortunate enough to bump into one of Will’s team members on a flight down to Boston in April of 2015. Through my conversation I learned about Will and the incredible training programs he provides for each of his runners. I realized that I had been winging it for way too long and needed a disciplined and rigorous approach to my training that might push me into a more competitive category. My Boston 2015 was a disappointment. My training was inadequate and I overestimated my ability. I met Will soon after and he asked me what goal was for 2016? I ambitiously wrote down 2:59:59 for Boston in 2016. Having ran a 3:19 in 2015, this was asking a lot from Will and myself. Immediately Will got to work and started me on my Winter running plan. It was tough and demanding but I felt incredibly inspired by the very talented runners in his group. Rain, hail or snow we meet every week following our plans to the letter. And my God does it work. Come Boston 2016, I came in at 2:59:43. Still cannot believe it. I owe it all to Will. He’s an incredible leader, teacher and cares so much for his runners. My times have continued to improve but more importantly, I get to run every week with an amazing group of people led by one of the best coaches in the sport. Thank you Will. You have been an incredibly positive influence in my life.


Latest accomplishment was February 2018 in Seville, Spain in 2:48!!!Best wishes, Alan


Alan Lynam

Toronto, On
April 2018

Andrew John Bellamy (RunnersGoals) Andrew John Bellamy (RunnersGoals)

I had been running with a small fast group of runners in downtown Toronto (BLT). After I relocated to Mississauga. I took a 2yr break from running. It was during Dec2015 I started my search for a coach & running group with whom I could get back to fast running & eventually crush some PB’s.

Working with Will Clews helped me in many areas of my life. Not only the running aspect. But preparing me physically, mentally. He created an easy-to-follow workout schedule that matched my needs and skills and he was fast to help me modify it as external issues arose. 

Will Clews responded to my questions and concerns with his own careful thought and expertise. I grew to trust him quickly and I have had a very smooth past season. 
It took me jus 2yrs of hard work to come within 3min of my marathon PB of 2h48:48 set 5yrs prior. Finishing 8th Overall in 2h51:38 at the Hamilton Marathon on 5th Nov 2017. In Sept 2017 I set a new 10k PB of 36:50 Something I thought was not going to be possible. Is now achievable & believable. I am very Optimistic about the coming year. As I feel I am getting stronger & faster each season.

Big Thank you to Will Clews & all the runners in Team Runners Goals!


Andrew John Bellamy

Mississauga, On

April 2018

Ryan Filletti (RunnersGoals) Ryan Filletti (RunnersGoals)

Since I joined up with Runner's Goals a year and a half ago, coach William Clews has brought me back from a serious car accident to run PB's in both the 10km (37:43) and half marathon (1:22:29). His coaching and mentorship both motivate and inspire me to try my very best during every race and every workout.  Furthermore, he fosters a supportive, dedicated group of runners which whom I am proud to run with.


Ryan Filletti
Orangeville, On
April 2018

Srikanth Kanuri & Team (RunnersGoals) Srikanth Kanuri & Team (RunnersGoals)

"In summer 2016 while training for the Chicago marathon my friend Shawn who was working with Will and doing things a lot differently than I had ever heard of.  He was improving rapidly and his workouts were so strong. I decided to reach out to Will.

The workouts and nutrition strategy he gave me where something I had never done before and I could feel myself getting stronger. I also went through ups and downs mentally and he was always there to motivate me when I had a bad workout. The ultimate test of this new strategy was running a 53 min faster than my Chicago Marathon Oct 2016 completion time 4:12:57 to 3:21:10 in Erie Marathon in Sep 2017.

Will’s  has been a fundamental part of taking my running to the next level! With his guidance and support I was able to take 53 minutes off my previous PR and I am one step closer to qualifying for Boston in the year to come. Will is always available to me and answers any questions or concerns that may come up during training. He is confident in my running and I am confident in his coaching!"


Srikanth Kanuri
Burlington, On
April 2018

Steven Van Alstine (RunnersGoals) Steven Van Alstine (RunnersGoals)

On the running front, 2011 was a great year for me.  I qualified for Boston, New York and London and PB’ed in the 5K, 8K, 10K, 15K, Half Marathon and full Marathon distances.  I attribute my success to Will.  Coach Will blends a team approach, with individual success that enables a runner to develop and grow.  I would not have been as successful in 2011 without Will, of that I am sure.  I know that I will continue to develop as a runner under his guidance and mentorship.


Testimonial Update January 2013
My recent marathon in the Fall of 2012 in Philadelphia marks the 4th marathon that I have trained for under Will’s coaching.  With each marathon I have become a stronger and better runner.  However, Philadelphia was an exceptional result because Will took me to the next level of training that enabled me to obtain an incredible 8 minute PB of 3:02:55, and pushed me very close to my goal of a sub 3-hour marathon.  Will continues to push his athletes to new heights and I am fortunate to be under his coaching.

Steven Van Alstine CPM, CAE.


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