My name is William Clews NAASFP and I am a certified running coach in Mississauga. If you are looking for someone to encourage you and help you achieve your personal goals, look no further. I have been working as a personal trainer for several years and focus on meeting the particular needs of my clients. Whether you simply want to get in shape or improve your race times, I can put together a customized training program for you so we can reach your goals together.


People start running for a variety of reasons. Some run because they want to lose weight, improve their health, compete in races or try something new. Whatever your reason is for running, you'll experience many physical, mental and emotional benefits from the sport.

My service is specialized in assisting individuals in reaching their goals through running. With years of proven results, I work with you by creating a program that supports your lifestyle and available time. All runners receive a personalized training program, insightful feedback, motivational techniques, food/intake guidance, and a goal oriented training schedule.


Private Coaching

  • Individualized training program geared towards your goals/objectives
  • 3 or 4 weekly training sessions with your coach
  • Unlimited e-mail correspondence with your coach


Individualized Training Program

  • Specific workouts for each day of the week
  • Instilled philosophy on running
  • Advice on Stretching and race strategies
  • Recommended cross-training advice to supplement running
  • Motivational Techniques


William Clews (Coach)

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Steven Van Alstine Steven Van Alstine

On the running front, 2011 was a great year for me.  I qualified for Boston, New York and London and PB’ed in the 5K, 8K, 10K, 15K, Half Marathon and full Marathon distances.  I attribute my success to Will.  Coach Will blends a team approach, with individual success that enables a runner to develop and grow.  I would not have been as successful in 2011 without Will, of that I am sure.  I know that I will continue to develop as a runner under his guidance and mentorship.


Testimonial Update January 2013

My recent marathon in the Fall of 2012 in Philadelphia marks the 4th marathon that I have trained for under Will’s coaching.  With each marathon I have become a stronger and better runner.  However, Philadelphia was an exceptional result because Will took me to the next level of training that enabled me to obtain an incredible 8 minute PB of 3:02:55, and pushed me very close to my goal of a sub 3-hour marathon.  Will continues to push his athletes to new heights and I am fortunate to be under his coaching.


Steven Van Alstine CPM, CAE.

Will – I want to thank-you for your dedication, integrity, wisdom, compassion, and tenacity as a coach!
You helped me establish realistic and achievable goals – and without goals we could end up anywhere…Before I met you I was like Alice asking the Cheshire Cat which path to take…”if you don’t know where you want to go, then it doesn’t matter – any path will get you there.”
You helped me develop SMART goals and we set out together with a solid plan to nail those goals. 
In 10 months, and a lot of consistent hard work, I was able to qualify for the 2015 Boston Marathon with a time of 3:02:38 at the 2014 Mississauga Marathon.  That was a 28min PB! I was injury free, and in fact, stronger than ever – all due to your holistic approach to training.
The team is a close-knit group of dedicated runners that operates like a family.  Even though we are all at different levels, run at different speeds, have different goals - we support each other and help each other achieve our goals.  This is a direct reflection of the type of person you are Will – you really care, you are so dedicated to the team, and know how to get most out of each of us.


James Hitchcock
May, 2014

I was introduced to Will Clews by my chiropractor in August 2012. At our initial meeting Will asked me what my running goals were and how committed I was to achieving them. I spoke for about an hour and he just listened. At a subsequent meeting Will laid out a detailed plan and schedule to help me achieve my goals.
Over the past two years I have PB’ed in every race I have participated in – from 5km to marathon distance. The weekly long run and track sessions are specific to each runner and varies depending on their individual goals and pending races. Will not only attends each training session, but leads by example by running with the group.
My wife joined Will a year after me and PB’ed in her first 10km under Will’s guidance and completed her first half marathon six month later.

It’s always great to achieve a personal goal, but the camaraderie that exists within the group is the best reward of all.  
We strongly recommend Coach Clews to anyone looking to improve their running results and wishes to have fun doing it!
Jim and Rinette Emerson
July 2014

I started long distance running 15 years ago at the age of 40.  At that time, I completed my first half marathon in 2:40.  Since then I have completed three full marathons,  and many 30, 15, 10, and 8k races.  Within those past 15 years I joined four other running groups but was never able to improve my running times.  In November 2012 I began training with Will Clews, Running Goals.  After six months I was able to get my half marathon time down by 8 minutes and after another year took off 3 more minutes, totalling 11 minutes in one and a half years.  My long term goal of completing a half marathon in two hours has finally been met and not only am I a faster runner but a stronger one too.


Will creates a personalized training program that includes the speed training via track workouts to reduce your running times.  If you follow his program and are willing to work hard you cannot fail.  The encouragement and support he provides is genuine and he truly believes in the potential of all of his runners.


Gina Francis

I have achieved personal bests in many distances even as I get older, and attribute much of my success to Coach Will's support and encouragement.


Will is a true testament to the definition of a coach who sees the potential that you don't always see in yourself. Not only is he a highly capable coach, but also a mentor and friend.


John Caulfeild (July 2014)

I have known William Clews for the past two years. I joined his coaching class to improve my running. I have significantly improved my times for half marathons and 5k run component of my Sprint Triathlon where I have qualified to represent Canada in WTU held in Edmonton in August 2014, thanks to Will. I find Mr. Clews disciplined, thorough and consistent. He not only has helped me in improving my running form, posture but also is of great help in putting me in touch with physiotherapist, chiropractor and excellent nutritionist. He has been kind to attend our meetings with the nutritionist to give suggestions as to which aspect of my diet needs help.

I especially enjoy our track work sessions twice a week where he runs with me and guides through every step of the way with precious tips and advice.


I wish him the Best.

Dilip Kulkarni

I have been running on my own for 13 years before meeting Will.  With his help, I am seeing what potential I possess in running.


The last 18 months, I went from a 32 min 5k to 22 mins.  My half marathon went from 2:02 to 1:46!

His team approach combined with individual attention is more than I could hope for.  The comradery he fosters with his other runners towards each other is extremely supportive, giving me the environment I need to meet my goals. 
Will is professional, supportive, and highly recommended for runners who want to take their running to the next level.
Becky Yuan

I have been training with Coach Will since June 2013.  What sets him apart is how much he actually cares about the wellbeing of his team members. He creates individualized plans for each of us and is always there to provide motivation, support and guidance. He leads by example and trains right beside us offering encouragement at every session.  
He pays particular attention to detail and has built a great community of runners.  A few months after starting with Coach Will, I ran a half marathon in 1 hour 39 minutes, a 13 minute improvement over my previous half marathon time.


Amish Parikh
Mississauga, Ontario

I met Will when I was just recovering from a Stem Cell Transplant in April 2013, I could barely run for a minute without stopping a few times.  Will was committed to helping me get back into not just running but running strong.  With just under 5 months of training, I ran The Scotia Half Marathon in under 2 hours, cutting more than 15 minutes off my previous race time.  His dedication to his team is absolutely exemplary, he definitely sees a potential in everyone he takes on under his tutelage.  He has a specific program designed for each individual that caters to their strengths and helps them to push themselves to do better.  He brings in experts that provide guidance on footwear, nutrition, body mechanics etc.  His philosophy is very simple "No train No gain".


He is out training with the team, rain or snow.  We have trained in some tough weather but he has been with the runners every single session; twice a day, training and supporting everyone.  Due to his leadership, the group has become part of an extended family where each and every one supports one another.  In the past year plus that I have been training with Will, I have seen more instances where one has done a Personal Best in a race.  I never thought, I could do a Sub 2 in a Half Marathon and Will helped me achieve that.  I would strongly recommend him to anyone wanting to better themselves as a runner or just looking to train with like-minded runners.


Roma Kay

Coach Will has enormous experience and talent in all things running.  He took me from a so-so runner with 2 hour half marathon times to sub 1:45 in six months!  His attention to detail, support, meticulous planning and scheduling skills go far above the usual coaching regimen with amazing results.  A win a third and an eighth in the first year are not to be ignored!


Graham Millar