Steven in Philadelphia 2012 Steven in Philadelphia 2012

On the running front, 2011 was a great year for me.  I qualified for Boston, New York and London and PB’ed in the 5K, 8K, 10K, 15K, Half Marathon and full Marathon distances.  I attribute my success to Will.  Coach Will blends a team approach, with individual success that enables a runner to develop and grow.  I would not have been as successful in 2011 without Will, of that I am sure.  I know that I will continue to develop as a runner under his guidance and mentorship.


Testimonial Update January 2013

My recent marathon in the Fall of 2012 in Philadelphia marks the 4th marathon that I have trained for under Will’s coaching.  With each marathon I have become a stronger and better runner.  However, Philadelphia was an exceptional result because Will took me to the next level of training that enabled me to obtain an incredible 8 minute PB of 3:02:55, and pushed me very close to my goal of a sub 3-hour marathon.  Will continues to push his athletes to new heights and I am fortunate to be under his coaching.


Steven Van Alstine CPM, CAE.

What Others Say About Coach Will

Steven in London 2012 Steven in London 2012


I had been running for 7 years on my own before I met Coach Will and had accomplished a lot as a leisurely runner [2009 Boston Marathon – 3:37, 2009 Ottawa  Marathon– 3:34, 2010 New York Marathon – 3:50, 2010 Chicago Marathon – 3:54]. At the age of 54 I was happy with my accomplishments and thought that I had reached my peak potential. In 2010 when I met Coach Will I was surprised and genuinely happy with his personalized training style which had a strong focus on both the mental and physical aspects of training. Coach Will takes into consideration the different lifestyles of each of his runners, assesses their core baseline, and develops personalized training schedules for each runner best suited for their lifestyle. This unique approach alongside his excellent leadership skills has helped me achieve the best results yet! After only 2 years of training with Coach Will and diligently following his motto “no train, no gain” I was able to achieve personal bests [2011 Mississauga Marathon – 3:19, 2011 Columbus Ohio Marathon – 3:16, 2012 Chicago Marathon – 3:10]. I am now over 60 years old and looking forward to continuing my training with Coach Will who has proven to me that I have yet to reach my potential!

Surat Chahal

Tracey in Boston 2012 Tracey in Boston 2012

Testimonial Added January 2013

The definition of dedication , determination and success is Coach William Clews. I have been running for many years but have only been coached by him for one Marathon Clinic. With all the personalized training, tips  and support he gave me during that time allowed me to reach my goal of a sub 3:15 marathon. Actually crossing the line at 3:11! It was so satisfying to see all that hard work pay off! He was there to run me through the last 5km of my race saying encouraging words the whole time and the first one to give me a victory hug when I finished. Thanks for everything Will!! You are truly dedicated to your athletes!!

Tracey Livesay

I first sought Coach William Clews' marathon training advice in November, 2009.  I had just finished a full marathon with satifactory results.  I wanted to bring my running to the next level, and I heard that Coach Clews' was the man to seek.  Coach Clews and I discussed my current running regime and my future running goals.  He devised a personal and specific running program that fit my needs.  In the fall of 2010, I ran a 3:09 in the Detroit Marathon to qualify for the Boston Marathon in 2011.  I thank Coach Clews for teaching me that discipline and hard work will always pay off.  I recommend Coach Clews if you want to get serious about your running, in order to take yourself to the next level.


Dr. Gerald Dumol D.C. BPHE


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